19 March 2020

A Coffee with Cera Stribley

A Coffee with Cera Stribley
We spoke with Managing Principal of Cera Stribley, Domenic Cerantonio, about the vision behind Edition – together with the studios philosophies around design and creative thinking. 

Dom, thank you for joining us today – why don’t you tell us a little bit about Cera Stribley’s overall design philosophy?

Now more than ever, architects have a responsibility to shape the future built environment and we believe a commitment to a level of social and environmental viability on each project. 

Our experience and passion lies in our work across commercial development in our adaptive use of heritage buildings and multi-residential development – all underpinned by forward-thinking design principles that respond to the way we live. 

Well-considered design makes a significant impact on peoples overall wellbeing, and we want to design buildings intelligently for the future. We look to challenge convention, utilise passive design principals and strategies, collaborate with our clients, inhabitants and builders to craft buildings that are reflective of the local and global context and the philosophy of their users. 

How do you see this as being woven into the fabric of Edition? 

Edition is a reflection of Cera Stribleys’ design philosophy in its timeless, intelligent and honest approach to the concept. 

Enduring architecture is taken seriously at Cera Stribley and Edition is a clear example of how buildings can be designed to look, feel and perform for, not just a long time, but a lifetime. 

The three apartments at Edition all encompass stand out qualities. Treble outlooks for all apartments encourage solar access and natural ventilation. Each apartment has high ceilings, accompanied with floor to ceiling windows that open up the space and evoke a sense of grandeur. We are currently investigating the latest in sustainable technologies, products and materiality available to ensure these apartments stand the test of time. 

The design is symbolic of the building’s quality, status and stature. Four large columns present to the street with a robustness and durability that a building of this nature should accompany. High-quality materials are seen in the artisanal bricks that adorn the primary façade, with the large spans of glazing allowing for generous vistas out from the building. 

The traditional and cubist form of the structure is elevated by the snaking, sweeping entry which offers a sense of softness as people enter the building. 

For you – what is the most significant feature of the project, do you have a favourite detail? 

There are two. Firstly; the sweeping, soft entry that contrasts with the robustness of the building. 

Secondly; the double-height spaces that have been integrated into the apartments. It’s a very unique feature for apartment living to use the space in this way, allowing natural light to flood the apartment and crafting an airy, light and liveble space. 

Do you find working on premium projects allows you to exercise greater creativity and innovation? 

Creativity can be seen in many forms across different types and scales of projects, which is part of the reason this line of work is so rewarding. 

The difference with Edition is that each apartment has been curated to suit the site and its orientation. They are truly one-of-a-kind; each with an individual architectural and design expression. 

Also, bigger budgets never hurt. The opportunity to explore alternative products, materials and innovative systems further expands the possibilities to create a project that makes a strong design statement while also catering for generations to come. 

Lastly, what distinguishes Edition from other luxurious and high-end homes in Toorak? 

There are very few projects of this nature that only contain a small number of apartments. 

From the outset of the design process, we wanted to create a design solution that melded apartment living with a stand-alone home, so keeping a low number of apartments in this project was a priority. 

Each apartment has its own unique outlook, so homeowners won’t feel as though they are sharing a space, a view, or a building with another person. 

Impressive views, generous gardens, rooftop pools and double-height spaces are not typically seen in apartment design and create a point of difference for Edition, delivering a residential offering that exudes understated class and quality.